weekly event

Ladies Night
Every thursday

There isn’t a huge amount of ladies’ nights that allow you to see out the end of the week with unlimited drinks, so this is a top choice if you’re looking for a post-work wind-down. Ladies night start at 8:00 pm until 3 am.

Africa Night
Every Friday

Friday! Meet up with friends, raise a glass and enjoy your drink together. We’ve got the perfect music for you. Africa night start at 8:00 pm until 3 am.

Lit Saturday

Elixir Addis presents Lit Saturday’s. A great night with Lit music, Colorful people and Fun Friends.

Pop up sunday

Elixir Addis presents Pop-up Sunday’s. An exclusive night for our guests with carefully selected songs for a chill night. Come join us with the first ever, two DJ sets under one roof

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