Caramel Cafe

We shine in our hospitality services and this excellence is also reflected in all of our other departments. A great example is our Caramel Café.

Located in our hotel complex once you walk in the doors you are in for a delicious delight. Order any one of our hot or cold beverages but don’t skip the delights of our pastry chef’s creations. You will not want to stop sampling through our exhaustive menu of sinfully sweet cakes, snacks, and other heavenly delights.

For those planning to tie the knot, we also offer a wide selection of wedding cakes that will definitely be the second-most admired attraction (after the bride and groom, i.e.).

Come and enjoy a slow and pleasant afternoon at Caramel Café – we promise you will love our prices almost as much as our confectioneries.


Elixir Lounge

The Elixir Lounge is the place to be when you are looking for a sound-proofed, state of the art place to hold formal gatherings, business meetings, a product-launching event or just to celebrate a social occasion. On the other hand, you can come in every day to lay back and enjoy the daily entertainment activities that are presented by our professional and creative teams. And then there is the matter of the delicious complimentary snacks that are prepared by our talented team of chefs.

Elixir Lounge have 4 weekly night program

Thursday- Ladies Night

Friday- African Night

Saturday-Lit Saturday

Sunday- Pop Up Sunday

From 8:00 pm-3 Am

Crystal Bar

For those who don’t have a sweet tooth and would love to socialize over stronger drinks, we offer you the Crystal Bar.

As the name suggests, the Crystal Bar serves only the best of brands adding to the luxurious experience of your stay. Everything from the ambience created by the bar’s crystal chandelier and the expansive window design will make every sip of your intricately concocted cocktails, served in – what else? – Crystal glasses, a pleasurable and memorable experience.

We serve everything you could ask for by way of high-end and super premium spirits – come for the experience and stay for the fun.

Omnia Restaurant
Omnia Restaurant

Whether you are a gastro tourist trying out Ethiopian cuisine for the cultural experience or a foodie who takes delight in every meal, you will find our Omnia Restaurant a most-satisfying place to dine in.

The modern setting of the restaurant coupled with a sprawling view of Addis Ababa will make your meal a memorable one – on so many levels.

The best part, by far, is the fact that our meals are all prepared by our world-class chefs who will delight your palates with their creative dish concepts. For an added wow factor try our themed meals by eating on Chef’s Night, Seafood Night or Mediterranean Day.

Dine in our Omnia Restaurant to sate your hunger and leave with a hearty fondness for the exhilarating culinary experience.

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